Frequently asked questions

I’m a SocialLads virgin – help

View our page dedicated to SocialLads newcomers.

What are the SocialLads membership options?

View our membership page.

How do I become a SocialLads host?
View our page dedicated to becoming a SocialLads host.
Why are there no events near me?

SocialLads is a socially active group run by and for its members. Events only take place because select members are willing to host them and our other members are delighted to attend. The success of each event is a result of the effort its attendee put into it.

No events on the website near to your location or you would like to see more, have you considered becoming an event host? It is very easy to become an event host, where you choose what event you wish to hold. Becoming a host calls for a small amount of work on your part which we will support, help and advise your with throughout the process.

What refund will I receive if I cancel attendance of an event?

View our cancellations policy.

What refund do I receive if SocialLads cancel?

View our cancellations policy.

How does the waiting list work?

If an event has sold out please email with the details of the event you wish to attend and we will endeavour to accommodate you or will get in touch should the be a cancellation

Licence to use assets

We hope you had a wonderful time at your event and we would hope that your would be happy for us to use your images to promote future events. We retain the rights to use any and all media wherein Sociallads is tagged to assist us in promoting future events. Tagging SocialLads by any means to any photograph, video, film, image or content of any kind relating to a SocialLads event (“the asset”) our members grant to SocialLads an irrevocable licence to use that asset for the purposes of SocialLads in perpetuity, in any and all media now existing or to be invented and in any territory in which SocialLads operates or seeks to operate.


Throughout each event our hosts and attendees will take agreeing to attend an event we will  reserve the right to use photos and videos taken by leaders or other members on our events to promote SocialLads in any and all media now existing or to be invented. Members who do not wish to be included in such materials are responsible for advising event leaders of this and for not participating in any photography or filming at events.

What information is visible to others from my profile?

We take your privacy very seriously. We permit others to only view information about you that is appropriate and necessary for SocialLads to run safely and efficiently. 

1) None of your profile information is visible to non-members.

2) When looking at your profile, other members will be able to see:

  • your first name
  • your profile picture (which will have been chosen by you)
  • your personal bio (which will have been written by you)
  • the events you have purchased tickets for

3) The availability of your personal information is slightly different for our event hosts. Please note that each event may be held by different hosts. Who will be hosting each activity can be found on the events page.

For each event the host will also see the following information. This is to ensure they are able run the event effectively 

  • your last name
  • your mobile phone number
  • your email address
  • your dietary requirements
  • your Next of Kin details (name, relationship and phone number)

4) SocialLads Administrators are able to access all of the information in your profile.

If you are a host your surname and email address will be shown on the website.

All of our hosts and admin staff have signed the SocialLads Confidentiality Agreement and, in doing so, have committed to their part in maintaining the security of your confidential personal data.

How do I update my profile?

Updating your profile is easy to do simply log into you account and click on ‘edit’. From here you can update your profile details, photo & password.

What personal data do you hold and what do you do with it?

SocialLads complies with the General Data Protection Regulation, which gives you rights and protections, including:

  • the requirement for SocialLads to obtain active consent for use of your personal data
  • the right to know how personal data concerning you is being processed, where and for what purpose
  • the right to demand a copy of your personal data, free of charge, in an appropriate format
  • the right to be forgotten by demanding your data be erased

What data we hold and what we do with it is detailed in full in our Privacy Statement 

Do you sell or share my information to other organisations?

No, SocialLads will never share your information with other companies.


We want you to be safe when participating in SocialLads events, we take reasonable and proportionate precautions against known risks, however we can not exclude them, for this reason, we encourage our members to take out their own personal insurance against the risk of injury to yourself and loss or damage to your property during an event, as SocialLads do not provide this and can not be held responsible for any loss or damage you or your property may suffer, unless it is a direct results of our negligence.
Safeguarding your property during an event will always be your responsibility and SocialLads will accept no responsibility for loss or damage to your property, no matter how it is caused.
By signing up for an event, you agree to discuss, with the event host, any medical condition you have or suspect you may have, which could affect or limit your participation during the event or expose you or others to risk in any circumstances. Should an accident occur, the event host will aim to pass on any relevant information to any person whom they deem necessary including but not limited to the medical and or emergency services. Event hosts will not disclose private medical information you give to them for any other purpose, and SocialLads will not store any information of this kind.

What communication will I get from SocialLads?

Event management communication

It is essential that we communicate with our members in order to run our events safely and successfully. In committing to any of our events, members agree to receive relevant communication pertaining to that event, which can be by email, phone or SMS text.

Marketing communication

We like to keep our members up to date with latest events, offers and news. Members are are automatically added to receive our marketing initiatives upon signing up to our newsletter and / or joining one of our events. All members are able to remove themselves from this communication by hitting the unsubscribing button in any of these communications.

How do I raise a concern?

We hope that you do not have any concerns about any of our events however if you do, you are able to raise a concern by emailing however if the matter is urgent please contact the admin team immediately by calling 07817 408839