Become a host

Our hosts help bring us together!

We are able to run events due to the dedication and motivation of our hosts and we are always happy to hear from any members who are considering becoming a SocialLads host. In becoming a SocialLads host we encourage you to host any activity that interests you, anywhere in the country and as often as you like. It is the perfect way to meet gay, bi and trans guys with similar interests whilst doing something you really enjoy. The great news, becoming a SocialLads host is quick and easy.

What is a host responsible for?

Once a host decides to hold an event it must first be approved by a member of the admin team to ensure it complies with our legal responsibilities and reflects our core values before going live for members to view and secure their place. 

We are aware that every activity and event type will vary and it is the hosts role to: 

Plan the event

  • Check the proposed date with a member of the SocialLads admin team to make sure there isn’t a similar activity being hosted in the local area.
  • Plan the activity, ensuring it is within the hosts (your) ability. 
  • Identify an easy to find start and finish location such as a pub, named car park or a ‘What3Words’ address and consider how members will reach the event; access, parking and public transport options in order for members to plan their journey to and from the event.
  • Identify an appropriate time for members to meet and identify a time the event should end.
  • Identify any items of equipment or belongings members will need to bring with them to ensure an enjoyable activity.
  • Identify any additional costs members will need to consider such as refreshments, car park and entrance fees etc.

Create an event on SocialLads

As a host, you will need to write a short description of the activity during the event, covering any information you feel is relevant and all information set out in the planning stage along with supplying a free to use / rights free image, which encompasses an engaging element of the day, so that we can effectively promote the event on the SocialLads website and social media outlets.

Host the event on the day

We want everyone to have an fun and enjoyable day. As the host you will need to:

  • Arrive at the start location 15 minutes before the designated meeting time 
  • Welcome and check in all members when they arrive, paying particular attention to any SocialLads Virgins
  • Once everyone has arrived briefly outline what will happen throughout the event with all members, highlighting any pertinent areas of health and safety
  • It is important to be mindful of the group dynamics throughout the event and ensure everyone is engaged and having an enjoyable event
  • At the end of the event thank all for coming, both attendees and any members who have helped throughout the event
  • It is also a great opportunity to mention a few future events being hosted

We hope that SocialLads is welcomed back into all venues so it is important that we are respectful of the facilities we use and they are left in a good condition.

After the event

  • Each host must update the attendance list so that every attendee has a record of past events they have attended.
  • Our hosts may also send a brief email to attendees highlighting any future events they will be hosting, or addressing any issue that came to light during or post event.
  • Any foreseen admin costs need to be discussed and agreed with the admin team prior to the event.

Become a host today Step 1: Application

Complete the application form using the ‘Become a host today’ button above. 

Step 2: Processing

Our admin team will be in touch shortly to discuss your application.

Step 3: Meet your Host Buddy and shadow an event

We know arranging your first event may be daunting, so we will partner you with a Host Buddy for you to shadow during a similar event as quickly as possible. 

Your Host Buddy will cover all aspects of setting up an activity and hosting an event. It is also a great opportunity for you to discuss any areas you are unsure or concerned about.

Step 4: Event assessment

We want to make sure that you are happy, confident and competent to host your SocialLads event. Once you feel you are ready we will arrange for your Host Buddy to conduct an event assessment, agreeing a time and date convenient for you both, This observation will assess the following: 

  • Your understanding of the hosts responsibilities
  • Your ability to plan and submit the relevant documentation to host an activity 
  • Your conduct and social skills in order to host an event ensuring that, as best as possible, every member has an enjoyable time
  • Your flexible approach to dealing with with any issues that may arise
  • What does SocialLads mean to the LGBTQ+ community

Once you have demonstrated your ability to successfully host an event with your Host Buddy they will approve the assessment. Occasionally areas can be identified wherein a potential host will need additional support, in this instance your Host Buddy will discuss these with you and a member of the admin team arrange any further training. Once this has been completed a second assessment will be arranged. 

Step 5: Update your profile

Once the assessment is complete and you have been approved you will become an official SocialLads host. A member of our admin team will update your profile and you will be able to submit events.  

Did you know, there are no limits to the number of activities and events you can host.

Still unsure if you’re the right guy to host a SocialLads event?

Get in touch with a member of the admin team, via the contact form, who will be more than happy to answer your questions. Our hosts are also great to speak to. Having been through the same experience they will be able to discuss any concerns you may have or direct you to the right member of the admin team if they are unable to answer.